asked Apr 19 at 21:16 by Phero (21)

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Let’s say i wanted to add an entry to the right click menu of a clip and have the script create a new track, copy the clip notes to the new track and manipulate the notes within.

Would that be possible?

My research tells me it’s basically just for making controller scripts or am I wrong?


That would be awesome, but as of API version 10, the controller API is still pretty controller focused. Check out the documentation for the Java library. There are Clip objects but they don't expose precise note data.


answered Apr 20 at 08:36 by voidshine (302)

While you can create the function you describe you can currently not add anything to Bitwigs user interface. This is something I also would love to see.


answered Apr 20 at 09:05 by moss (143)

Thanks to both of you for replying. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.


answered May 01 at 08:02 by Phero (21)

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