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I use MacOS and I'm looking to try out Linux. I did some searches and even installed XUbuntu 18.0.4. It installed fine but as soon as I switched the driver to NVidia I got a black screen I have no idea how to fix. I thought before I go any further I might as well ask here since the only App I will be using on it is Bitwig. Which Distro do you recommend and how should I go about installing the driver? With XUbuntu it installed one during the OS installation process ( I selected search for 3rd party drivers) but this is the driver that gave me a black screen after switching and rebooting. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks My MBP: Mid 2010 13" 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 8GB, NVidia GeForce 320M 256MB

Hi Jeremy,

I'm using ubuntu studio for many years and I find it quite a useful distro, both on work and in leisure.

To install proprietary drivers, like Nvidia, you have to check the option to download during installation like you did.

Beware that for your Nvidia card, the driver version to use is 340.108. I'm not sure if a so old driver is in the repository. I suggest to try to use the Nouveau driver and, only in case, try to install the specific Nvidia driver.

I signal that a new stable version is available next April, 23th so it might be sage to wait until release.

I'm currently testing it on my computer (this), with good results, apart from the iLok license manager which refuses to connect... that was working in 19.10...

Hope this helps,

Best regards,



answered Apr 20 at 17:33 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Thank you fsciarra62, Is the Nouveau driver the one Ubuntu installs by default? I was worried that the default driver might use the internal Intel chip instead on the Nvidia, but if the default driver works well I can just stay with that. The only reason I was wanting to put in the NVidia driver was to get better graphics performance inside of Bitwig. I will be installing Ubuntu Studio this evening and will see how things go.

Thanks again


answered Apr 20 at 19:46 by Jeremysfx (132)

I perfectly understand your concerns about performances. Unfortunately installing proprietary drivers is always a mess. NVIDIA has done a great job with their drivers for Linux but for very old gpu, like yours, I'm not sure you can find all versions in Ubuntu repositories: you have to check. Install the Nvidia drivers by themselves is not difficult, but gives a lot of problems during updates. I wish you all the best. Happy Bitwigging! Fabrizio

  — (Apr 20 at 20:11) fsciarra62

Hey there,

nice to hear you are trying out Linux/Ubuntu! Fabrizio is right regarding proprietary NVidia drivers. Nevertheless, I never had any serious graphics issues with Bitwig Studio on my Laptop without a dedicated graphics. So the open source driver should be fine I guess.

Regarding Ubuntu Studio, I really like it a lot! They have a lot of stuff pre-configured (like ALSA-to-Jack bridge) and additional software added. Also it uses the same desktop as Xubuntu (Xfce).

NOTE: Ubuntu Studio will release the next long-term support 20.04 version on April 23

If you decide to make a fresh install, you could wait these two days to save the process of upgrading.


answered Apr 21 at 11:43 by fas-bitwig (21)

Thanks fas-bitwig. So far it has not been completely smooth sailing. I'm running into issues I'm not familiar with. I'm having an issue where every time I boot it says BootOrder not found, loading defaults. looks like a common error but so far the only fix I have found ( that doesn't require a much deeper understanding of Linux) is to wipe the entire drive and start over. Is this message something I need to worry about? Thanks for all of your help, it is very much needed and appreciated!!!

  — (Apr 21 at 14:37) Jeremysfx

Haven't heard about this before, but generally if it works, then no worries :D if you feel you want to optimize this, it probably has to do with UEFI/Secure Boot (just a quick search). you maybe want to search further or ask in forums of Ubuntu or try to wipe the disk. You will learn a lot about your system when using GNU/Linux. Generally speaking, Ubuntu is a quite easy choice but problems will occur and you will learn how to master them. But it takes some effort though. It will never be as easy or smooth as an out-of-the box macOS installation. What's your motivation for trying it out? :)

  — (Apr 21 at 15:17) fas-bitwig

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