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Is it possible to link a parameter in specific track with another track parameter?

just similar to Ableton & FL Studio. like for example linking filter cutoff from Track1 with an LFO in Track2, or linking several LFO's from different tracks to specific track to control filter cutoff. Unlike BWS where you can apply this within a layer for one track only.

I don't think you can tap into specific device parameters as modulation sources, but you can definitely share modulation across multiple tracks. Think of the device values like cutoff frequency as destinations D1, D2, D3,... and what you want is a common modulation source S. Create an audio track and mute it. Add a DC Offset device and set or modulate it however you want. This track's output is the source, S. Now at each destination, wire up an Audio Rate (or Sidechain) modulator that sources S. Apply as much as you want to D1, D2, etc.


answered Apr 21 at 12:33 by voidshine (302)

DC Offset is just an example; you can use anything as the source. Phase-4 could serve as an extraordinarily powerful LFO, for example.

  — (Apr 21 at 12:50) voidshine

Thanks a lot voidshine,

That's great I'm glad to see BWS handles this feature. I discovered that DC is really powerful tool & can create endless possibilities controlling almost anything.

I also tried to apply this with the grid by using any device which has output signal then control other devices via side-chain or within the grid. the results are infinite & you can customise how to control devices, notes & parameters even hardware. signals can help to create a custom arpeggiators or random notes, using he powerful tool (Replacer). the signals in BWS are masterpiece.


  — (Apr 21 at 17:59) Nusonix

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