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Hi there. A friend of mine uses Ableton and he can just record his hihats with swing/groove. Meaning he uses an ARP and plays hihat 8ths and the are written with his swing settings.

I tried the same in Bitwig: ARP and a sampler with the hihat sample in it. Switched on quantize on record and defined the swing value on 8ths notes. I could play the hihat with applied swing but on record there was no midi information written. Just an empty midi track.

What did I do wrong? Please help.


What gets recorded is the track note input. To capture the arpeggiator output, create a new track and set the arpeggiator as its source for note input & recording. Arm that track when recording and you'll capture lots of swung arp notes. There are other ways to route things, but in general the key is to understand the signal flow. It helps to keep the I/O Routings option turned on so you can see what goes into and out of tracks. It's at the bottom of tracks list in Arranger, or the far right in Mix view. Happy hacking. :)


answered Apr 21 at 22:43 by voidshine (302)

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