asked Apr 22 at 08:58 by Thomasboesgarddk (11)


I just replaced my computer and installed BitWig 8 on it. I also used this on my old computer and used to get crystal clear sound from my controller. With the new computer the sound is very dirty and distorted. The new computer is much more power full than the old one on all parameters and I have only installed a very limitited number of programs on it so far.

What can I do to get better sound (I have all ready tried all 3 different USB-ports and preformance overview do not show that the computer is stressed/pushed in any way)?

Hi Thomas,

maybe some details on hardware, os, software version might help someone to give you an answer.

Something like: which Operating System are you using? which version? Which soundcard are you using? (suggestion: this might be the most probable culprit). Have you installed the correct drivers for your card? Is your card supported by the OS? Did you configure Bitwig for correct performances on your new computer? Have you run one of the demo programs, like Berlin Morning? How does it perform?

How you have put it down, it looks like black magic.

Best regards,



answered Apr 22 at 13:20 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

and does this happen with all daws or only in Bitwig? and how is it distorted, is it just the level of the sound like clipping or meters are fine and the sound is bad?


answered Apr 25 at 08:26 by Daymareo (11)

SPEC OS: Windows 10 - Version 1903 x64 Asus Laptop with onboard soundcard;

The sound is also distored when running the samples (sounds works fine in other programs), but ohter than that the performance is fine (with plenty of spare capacity).

I have not tried other daws, as I only have licens for Bitwig.

The sound is "dirty" / distorded like when you turn up your stereo more than it can handle.


answered Apr 27 at 15:19 by Thomasboesgarddk (11)

Hi Thomas,

I'm not at all an expert in windows, so other people can be more effective on that.

But how did you configure your audio driver? Have you tried asio4all?

Just to ask...

My Bitwig runs well also on my Asus Laptop with the builtin card.

I quite never boot on windows... I'm a happy guy! :-D

But I did it for you... This is Bitwig 3.1.3 (just updated), running Berlin Morning.. Perfectly... well.. on my laptop speakers.

The configuration I use is this:alt text

But I tried also WSAPI and works pretty well too.

But everybody else here uses windows and can help you better...

I'm more a Linux person. And even there... :-D



answered Apr 27 at 19:19 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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