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Can someone help me here please?

I have two clips. Each is on seperate track. i want use the Notes of both tracks with one Instrument instance (with added effects to this.)


Check my previous messages in the forum about this topic.

Multiple midi lanes

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answered Apr 29 at 23:47 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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it would be nice if you tell me the right title of your topic to find it at least on bing/google. thanks. i hope to can to thank you again. : )


answered Apr 30 at 02:26 by Guten-Tag (81)

Did 1 minute earlier... :-D Fabrizio

  — (Apr 30 at 02:43) fsciarra62

Enable the I/O view at bottom of track list, then change the outputs on the source tracks to send notes to your destination track with the instrument and effects.

Alternatively you may insert a Note Receiver device on the instrument track.


answered Apr 30 at 04:18 by voidshine (302)

You are right, voidshine... I prefer tracks grouping for this specific task... I find it more immediate. But definitely, Bitwig routing capabilities are awesome! Fabrizio

  — (Apr 30 at 09:41) fsciarra62

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