asked Apr 30 at 17:22 by redhoot (31)

Loving 3.2 beta, very productive with it. Absolutely love the grid, you guys are killing it!

The grid requests:

  1. Midi out from grid so we can trigger Bitwig instruments directly without hacks. 1.2 OSC IN/OUT :)

  2. Would love to be able to read and write to the data containers (pitch, gates, steps etc) like with the array node.

  3. The Sampler in the grid could be enhanced with things like being able to trigger the reverse button (its currently only available for toggle in the gui, please let us modulate it) 3.2 More timestretch algos like the elastic one in the sampler itself.

  4. Sampler with a record function, would love to be able to hold larger buffers with incoming audio and do granular stuff with them.

how bout an envelope with as many stages as you want and a attack knob fore everything before sustain and a release knob fore everything after and maby add a tempo sync feature fore those who rather use it as an lfo


answered Jun 29 at 13:15 by matty686 (21)

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