asked May 01 at 02:42 by Ethnographer (41)

Maybe I’m missing something obvious. And I find it strange that I’m only finding this out now, after playing in the Grid for close to a year… Aren’t some Grid modules pre-corded for velocity? Of course, there’s note and gate on many modules, but I’m not noticing the velocity icon on the oscillators or envelopes or level modules… And I just created a simple patch (based on Polarity’s neat tutorial on interpolation in the Steps module) only to notice, after such a long time, that I need to explicitly connect velocity to something (say, sustain in ADSR or the level of an attenuator) for the patch to respond to velocity in any way. I tried with the default patch, sending a simple MIDI sequence with different velocities and all notes play as loudly. Talk about expressionless music!

Now, I realize that many things in modular systems need to be done in a conscious way. It’s just that the Grid has this clever pre-cording feature which is easy to bypass yet typically makes for a pleasant experience out of the box.

I guess the reason I didn’t notice this is that I tend to use my windcontroller with my Grid patches and I often map breath to filter cutoff, which creates a full envelope with significant changes in volume as I want them. And I’ve done some MPE patches where there was enough expression from polypressure. Still, I find it exceedingly strange that this isn’t a topic for discussion or a part of any basic explanation of the Grid.

What would help me is if I heard that pre-cording did exist in previous version and it’s just a bug in 3.2beta…


I think velocity prerecords could be useful as long as they can be turned off


answered Jun 25 at 15:55 by matty686 (21)

Sure. As far as I can tell, any precord can be turned off.

  — (Jun 25 at 16:06) Ethnographer

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