asked May 02 at 06:38 by mike1851 (11)

Hello, I am fairly new to Bitwig and am looking for recommendations regarding the best midi keyboard to integrate with Bitwig. I am looking for a full size keyboard with weighted keys. I’m also interested in extra features like a sequencer etc.. if available. My budget is about $1,000. I have been looking at the NI Komplete Kontrol S88, but don’t know if there’s anything better. Thanks!

Hey man, you're asking for the moon! :-D

Everybody has his best. I can show my keyboard collection, having put an end to the butterfly one. lol

I have 4 controllers, all different. I'm on Linux and I've selected only fully supported ones.

Only one weighted keyboard: Studio Logic SL88 Grand. For me the best piano keyboard ever had. Played many, chose this. Never thought back. For me no play. I've even added the SLMixFace for extra-controls.

3 Semi-weighted:

  • M-Audio Code-61. Easy to play, lots of control, funny colored pads.
  • Novation Impulse 49: Little, "tanky" and nice keybed and action.
  • Novation SL61MkIII; has plenty of functions and lights and frills and bells: easy winner on my 61 keys.

The SL61MkIII and the SL88 Grand are the ones I use every day. The other two are in the rehearsal room.

Your mileage can vary.

Hope this helps,




answered May 03 at 01:33 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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Thanks! The SL88 looks like the perfect option for my needs. That’s not one I had seen before. I am also looking at the Roli Seaboard Grand Stage. The Roli seems to be very expressive which would suit my music very nicely!


answered May 03 at 23:00 by mike1851 (11)

StudioLogic actually is Fatar, one of the most famous keybed makers ever for high-quality keyboards. You will not be disappointed, in my opinion. Look also to SL MixFace... It's really handy. It can even give split capabilities to other keyboards that don't have split/layer management. No, I'm not paid by StudioLogic/Fatar... Lol :-D Fabrizio

  — (May 03 at 23:24) fsciarra62

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