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OBSOLETE, NO ISSUE. Assumed computer or OS misbehaviour.


as it seems, Midi Routing in Bitwig is not working as intended. Here is a project containing KONTAKT 5 in one track. Loaded are two instruments, one expecting Midi on Channel 1 from host, the other at Channel 2. Both are then routed back to two seperate stereo outputs. In Bitwig the outputs are shown as subs in the Kontakt track. Two more Bitwig tracks contain MIDI data. Each of these tracks has Kontakt set as target for notes. First track sends to Kontakt Channel 1, 2nd track to Kontakt Channel 2. What I hear? Strange things happening, as Track 1 obviously gets routed to Midi Channel two in Kontakt. Channel 1 instrument is playing notes from the Bitwig Track holding data for Channel 2, Kontakt Channel 2 instruments same. Channel 1 instrument then correctly outputs to sub 1, Channel 2 correctly to sub2. This is coherent in Bitwig Windows, Linux, both in 3.1.3 and 3.2 beta 3.

Might you be so kind to post a screenshot and comment that? Honestly I didn't get it. Fabrizio.

  — (May 03 at 01:15) fsciarra62

Works great for me in Bitwig 3.1.3 using Kontakt 4. The routing options in Kontakt are a little quirky, though. I suggest routing the instruments in Kontakt to auxiliary outputs only.

To troubleshoot you can also test against other deep plugins like FL Studio VST. Bitwig routing is solid in my experience. :)


answered May 06 at 23:20 by voidshine (302)

alt text


answered May 04 at 18:33 by IAmLostForWords (91)

Nothing to do with Kontakt, the same setup (Kontakt receiving Midi on various channels, Drumasonic Luxury listening on Chn1, other instrument on Chan2; Kontakt sending back audo on seperate Stereo Tracks to DAW) is flawlessly working in FL, Reaper, Cakewalk. In my memory this used to work also in BW 2.x.

Note that not the output from Kontakt is the issue, it is that Kontakt only receives Midi on Chn. 1 from Bitwig, See screenshot where instrument 1 is not showing any audio output back to Kontakt internal routing, because it does not receive a signal.


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All that did not work, now works. I am not aware of any changes I did, nor did any updates happen in between apart from MS Win Updates. I am feeling like now.

Sorry Bitwig, seems to be a non issue.



answered May 19 at 07:31 by IAmLostForWords (91)

You are welcome. One of my strongest reason for struggling with Linux and never use other os. At least it's most of the time my fault. Fabrizio

  — (May 19 at 15:19) fsciarra62

It actually was the same on Win10. That is why I opened the case. The same project on three different machines with two different OS. Consistently repeatable and now - boof - gone. BUT: it did a retest against a new project and did not maintain the one that was faulty, as it was not working anyhow. Mighty strangeness...

  — (May 19 at 16:17) IAmLostForWords

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