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Hello, I'm running Bitwig Studio 3.1.3 (but issue has been there since I purchased a license from version 3.0). I have two systems that I use Bitwig on. A Lenovo desktop running Pop!_OS (Ubuntu derivative: 18.10, then 19.04, then 19.10, and now 20.04 LTS) which runs with no issues whatsoever and a desktop (that I had custom-built). The issue that I have is with the desktop when running Pop!_OS. While running under Windows 10, both my Casio MIDI keyboard and Akai Professional APC40 MkII controller work perfectly fine (thus eliminating the possibility of a chipset or USB port problem), Bitwig does not see either when running under Pop!_OS. LMMS, on the other hand, recognizes my Casio MIDI keyboard immediately with no issues under Pop!_OS. My custom-built desktop has an MSI AHM68 Grenade motherboard which features both AMD68HM and VIA VL806 chipsets as USB controllers. Previously, when I ran UbuntuSutdio 18.04 LTS on my desktop, Bitwig Studio could see my controllers. This stopped when I upgraded UbuntuStudio from 18.10 to 19.04 and and 19.10. (I only installed UbuntuStudio because Bitwig Studio in Ubuntu and Pop!_OS could not see the controllers). I dislike the fact that I have to move to Windows 10 every time that I have an idea and want to start a project rather than just starting Bitwig Studio on Pop!_OS which is my day-to-day system. If it weren't for ASIO4All, I wouldn't even be able to use Bitwig Studio on my desktop due to the horrible latency in the Windows kernel and drivers which make it impossible to work on music production. I'm currently running the most recent Pop!_OS version that's based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and hope that we can figure out a way to make Bitwig Studio recognize the Casio keyboard and Akai controller to work on my desktop because I prefer not to accrue thousands of dollars in debt to buy a Mac and work with Logic Pro or Ableton. Any ideas that you may have as to what I can try would be greatly appreciated. If providing any specific system logs can help, please let me know and I'll get these to you. It's worth noting that I'm running Bitwig Studio perfectly fine on the same operating system and version on my dekstop (Pop!_OS using JACK) Danke schön.

Hi izein,

Are you using Jack? Have you read in the manual that Bitwig doesn't support jack_midi so you have to choose Midi Driver None in qjackctl?

Have you tried selecting Generic Midi Keyboard as input controller?

Try to install Jürgen Moßgraber drivers collection for Bitwig (He is a great man!)

You can find it here

Hope this helps,



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Thanks for your answer Fabrizio. The Bitwig Studio 3.1 manual, at least not in the document that I downloaded when I purchased a license, does not go into that much detail in the audio and MIDI setup to mention JACK (or ALSA, etc.). I may have missed this bit in another resource. It's odd to though that running with JACK on my laptop, I got Bitwig to recognize and respond to the controllers as expected but that on the desktop with the same OS and audio setup, Bitwig recognizes them but does not respond. For the life of me, I can't remember what I did when I set it up on the laptop to get it to work. At any rate, I circumvented the issue. Almost right after posting the question yesterday, I switched to ALSA but using a USB interface instead of the desktop's sound card and that gave me a close enough latency value to the one that I get with JACK on the laptop (about +0.40ms to +0.47ms). It doesn't seem to be bad for now and I hope that it won't become too noticeable with larger projects. As to your suggestion, I've been using the DrivenByMoss driver for the Akai controller for a while now because it allows the controller to behave in Bitwig Studio as it does in Ableton, which is super cool, and provides more flexibility and fine tuning than the Bitwig driver (which works fine but is less feature rich).


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