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Look at Studio One's Pattern Sequencer. It is so good and integrated. But you could improve on it. I actually downloaded the S1 demo (I've heard great things), but it didn't hold a candle to BITWIG (for me). But that pattern sequencer is amazing. The Reason "Drum Sequencer" is pretty good, too - but just a little bit behind it.

Bitwig's could be the best. I have ideas. It would be a mix of Studio One's pattern editor, Breaktweaker, Reason's Drum Sequencer, and Captain Beats. write me.

Pipe dream stuff: Stuff from S1: Pretty much everything. different time signatures per lane. Different lane lengths. Stuff from Breaktweaker: be able to make a note last longer than one unit so if it repeats 3 times, it's a triplet (mixed with non-triplets. Able to choose the speed of each lane. Stuff from Reason's Drum Sequencer: Easy to assign lanes to different drum sounds by being able to choose what key it's assigned to. Stuff from Captain Beats. Able to choose a sequence by lane. So if I like a beat, but want to try different high hat presets.

What do you think?

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