asked May 05 at 11:26 by Sjöstrand (11)

I have a Linnstrument 128 in split mode with notes playing in mpe mode on the left split and 8 faders on the right split transmitting och the same main channel as the notes. The faders are set to cc# 20-27. I can assign the faders to specific parameters via the learn function but i cant get them to work as remote faders for the dynamic assignment of the 8 device controls. Do you have to write a new control script for this to work or is there a default cc# för the automapping controllers?

I think you would need a controller script/extension for that. Quite possibly you can use one that already exists. I've had good luck with using the generic MIDI controllers provided by Bitwig and Moss. There is a Linnstrument controller under Roger Linn Design. There's also a Generic "Keyboard + 8 Device Knobs (CC 20-27)" controller you could try.


answered May 06 at 09:47 by voidshine (302)

I can get the faders to work as device controlles if i run the "generic + 8" script but then the MPE-functionality is gone. It seems i cant run to different scripts for the same device. The moss flexi doesnt seem to work either.


answered May 06 at 15:44 by Sjöstrand (11)

Ah bummer, yeah there would surely be conflicts if two controller extensions used the same device. Sounds like a missing feature in the Linnstrument controller extension. If it's open source maybe we can hack it! The Bitwig controller API makes it very easy to do what you need, it's just a matter of wiring it up in the code. Have you reached out to the Linnstrument devs? I'm sure they want Bitwig users to have a great experience, and this sounds like an area for easy improvement.

  — (May 06 at 23:32) voidshine

Roger answered my question saying he is not involved in the Linnstrument script-writing. Im guessing its someone in the Bitwig team.

  — (May 07 at 16:28) Sjöstrand

Yes, Bitwig has the code and it's open source1. Something likehost.createCursorTrack(1, 1).createCursorDevice().createCursorRemoteControlsPage(n).getParameter(i).value() would provide access to the currently selected device's remote control parameters for change by a midiIn callback. I guess Bitwig would take a pull-request if Roger (or anyone) wants to upgrade the Linnstrument experience for Bitwig users.

  — (May 07 at 17:45) voidshine

It sounds to be out of my realm of competence. Don't know anything about script writing.

  — (May 07 at 21:35) Sjöstrand

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