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Hello I've been using bitwig for almost a year, made a switch from fl studio, and i really love it, Recently i opened FL Studio, and found out how much i actually miss FL Studios piano roll, So intuitive and easy to use, ideas come to life really quickly. Dear Developers of Bitwig, you definitely did a much better job with piano roll than Ableton Live, but it still doesnt have the same fluid and fast workflow like FL. I actually got used to the fact that i need to double click left button to create a note (yes, im aware that there is a pencil, but its an object for another discussion, for now im going to talk about pointer) But what really bothers me is after the clicking and holding down left mouse button we change the velocity and length of the note when we move the mouse to the left/right/up/down, instead of actually moving the note. I really think that changing velocity and length should be done be pressing ctrl and shift + dragging the mouse, and we should be able to move the position of the note without any modifiers. You see, fl studios piano roll somehow manages to complete all necessary tasks with just mouse and key modifiers, without having to switch to the pencil mode, or rectangular mode, in fl studio its all there in the mouse and modifiers. So, this is basic control scheme for bitwig piano roll. One left click - draw a note. One left click, hold down and move the mouse - drawing and changing the place of the note. One left click and holding down shift - changing length of the note. One left click and holding down ctrl - changing velocity of the note. One left click and holding down alt - drawing note pattern Dragging right click - rectangular selection. Right click and holding down shift - Eraser. Right click and holding down ctrl - Knife. Holding ctrl, clicking on existing note and dragging - copping the note. As you can see, everything can be achieved with just left and right click plus modifiers. There is no need for all tools to be separated the way it is now, no need for doing unnecessary moves in order to complete a simple task. It will give us much more of creative freedom, without having to worry about switching modes. You think its just insignificant little things, but trust me, it as huge gamechanger for those who writes much more than just a bunch of midi notes If you afraid to change anything in piano roll because a lot of people got used to it, make it as an option in settings. There are a lot of people that want to switch from fl studio to other daws (read forums and posts on the internet), but they cant because fl's piano roll is so good, so please make it for your potential customers. I hope you will pay attention to this letter, because if you improve piano roll and, bitwig will definitely become the ultimate daw in the universe. My best regards.

all i wish is that you co could choose to drag out an arbitrary note length rather than copy the last one


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