asked May 06 at 19:05 by prods (71)

I will be great to have a video track where video can be dragged or loaded and it can be aligned by real time, timecode or bars. This video bar should have a preview window with time label. This track would allow users to record soundtracks using Bitwig which is one thing stopping some of us from fully jumping into its workflow, which is great BTW.

The preview should be resizable but it should always maintain the original aspect ratio of the video. User should be able to maximize it in a separate monitor. Having control on the text size and position of the time label would be a great addition.

On import the video audio tracks should create a single mono track or two L/R for stereo, this could be done by presenting the user with the option when dragging a video from desktop or folder to Bitwig or by importing it on an explicit video track.

Additionally, being able to export the video with the master mix merged would be required for such feature. Having control of exporting the full video or only a section of the video based on the selected region. Having MPEG and AVI at a minimum would be ideal.

As a side note, I saw there are a pair more tickets asking about support for video tracks and they all point to an external VST plugin, which I tried and found its not a great workflow. I am opening this ticket as a format feature request to confirm, this is in plans, will be in plans or its something you will never plan to support.


Agree Bitwig needs video support...


answered May 21 at 15:29 by JobiJoba (21)

Video support would be mind blowing. Being able to utilize all of Bitwig's sound design capabilities whilst syncing it to visuals would be an absolute game changer


answered Jul 05 at 23:17 by joshturveymusic (11)

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