asked May 09 at 22:30 by tres-e (28)

I'm not sure of the best way to describe this but,

Let's say you've made multiple tracks, and each separate track has a top level device chain set up with remote controls for performance/etc.

is there a way to set up another separate track/device just with remote controls to control those remote controls across all tracks?

Or, more broadly, have one central location in the project to set up all remote controls for any and all devices within that entire project?

Ok, well I figured a workaround from a nifty tip on a reddit thread on how to use a modulator from one track to a different track via MIDI devices:

On one track, set up a MIDI CC device to an unused MIDI channel and modulate any free CC however you like.

On the track you want to control, put a Note Receiver device at the beginning of your device chain, set its Source to the MIDI CC device you just created, and disable Input Mutes.

Finally, on the device parameter you want to control, use a MIDI modulator with the MIDI channel and CC that you've setup above.

It's a bit of a kludge, but definitely workable, and I think I'll be able to set up a control system the way I originally imagined with this method.


answered May 10 at 21:02 by tres-e (28)

I thought you wanted to use a midi controller, actually. But this solution is interesting, especially using automation lanes. Thank you very much for sharing! Fabrizio

  — (May 10 at 22:11) fsciarra62

I'm not completely sure to have fully understood your need, but you can assign those related remote controls to a single macro to modulate them all together.

Or you can create pretty complex modulation controls using TheGrid and assign those modulations to your parameters, across all tracks.

Try to make an example, to get a better answer.

Best regards,



answered May 10 at 12:27 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

So let's say track 1 (pad synth) has two macros (one for reverb fx, one for delay fx), track 2 (bass synth) has two macros (one for pitch shifting, one for filter cutoff), and track 3 (drums) has one macro (controls a complex FX selector chain.) Can I make a new track (track 4) and create a device that can control each of those macros from those 3 tracks? Can I do this with the Grid?

I guess its more of an organizational need for me to have all the performance controls that I've set up across all the tracks and be able to control it and see it in one place, like a single device.

  — (May 10 at 18:59) tres-e

Or maybe even more simply, what I actually want is a new modulator - something like the Audio Rate modulator, but instead of routing audio from any track it would route any modulator from any track.

  — (May 10 at 19:30) tres-e

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