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Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on this matter.

I have recently switched to windows 10 after using Mac OSX for the last 10 years. Everything is now installed and set up, including my audio interface (Roland Rubix 44).

When I go into the Audio Settings area in Bitwig's control panel, it seems to be set at '800 samples/18.14 ms'. I cannot move this at all. When I was running OSX on the same machine, I had it set to 256 samples to keep my latency as low as I could. I'm using the ASIO driver model. I'm on Bitwig Version 2.3, but I plan to upgrade my plan in the next few days so that I can update to the newer V3.

Does anyone know how I can change the Buffer settings within Bitwig, or if there's something that needs to be done on the Windows OS itself to enable me to alter it?


I managed to solve this issue by opening the Roland Rubix control panel and changing the setting 'USB Streaming Mode' to its lowest setting. This then controls Bitwig's Block (Buffer) Size automatically and cannot be adjusted. So it's merely a case of choosing the right setting in the 'USB Streaming Mode' until it moves Bitwig's own Block Size to a latency that works for you.

For anyone that is also using a Roland Rubix audio interface, the lowest (fastest) latency response can be achieved by setting the Rubix Streaming Mode to 1. Mode 7 is the highest and increases the latency massively. Currently, I have mine set to Mode 3, which sets Bitwig's Block Size to 272 samples/6.17ms of latency which is fine for most with a decent machine. If your machine is struggling to cope (glitches and pops with audio playback), then simply go up to the next Mode number on the Roland Rubix control panel and restart Bitwig for the settings to take effect.

I hope this info helps some others in future!


answered May 11 at 13:29 by Round (1)

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