asked May 13 at 16:24 by op1-kenobi (11)

Something I love and use extensively in another DAW is hitting CMD/CTRL+F entering a plugin or device's name and hitting ENTER to add it to a track. This really accelerates workflow as it cuts the mouses movements/clicks from 3 to 0:

  1. Click '+' to add a device.
  2. Click the search field (Optionally since the search shortcut works here)
  3. Click/select the device you with to add.

Instead, CMD/CTRL+F would automatically open the browser to append a new device to the chain. And simply have the browser automatically have the first element in the search list selected. Which would allow hitting ENTER without requiring a click to select said element.

Since Bitwig auto loads a device selected in the browser (without having to double click or hit OK to confirm), maybe another key, such as TAB could direct the focus into the search results. That way while searching Bitwig doesn't attempt to load all intermediate search results. Or a short delay between the end of the user typing and the start of auto loading could be applied.

Right now CMD/CTRL+F focuses the browser on the search field... which is already automatically in focus upon opening it. So this new flow seems a natural evolution of the already existing shortcut and doesn't conflict with its current use. Rather it extends it.

I know these requests are always a long shot. However, it seems like this one would be simple to implement and a very powerful and comfortable addition to the Bitwig workflow.

Thanks for all the amazing work!

Just realised that once the browser is open hitting the down arrow enters the search field. So really this is just about using CMD/CTRL+F outside of the browser.


answered May 13 at 18:46 by op1-kenobi (11)

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