asked May 15 at 01:54 by runsilent (51)

This feature has been requested for years. Why is there no ability to warp selected notes to expand or compress written midi data. It's a fundamental existing feature in other platforms, and as a composer it is a huge hurdle.

I can't even scratch ideas down without a metronome, and then stretch the entire motif to fit whatever BPM it was recording at. 50%... 200%... the only 2 options.


Please take a moment to add this simple functionality inside the piano roll instead of making more grid modules.

I sure do love Bitwig, but when you're right you're right. MIDI editing does need some focus to get the basics in place. This and step record are my two biggest obstacles.

Idea: let extension developers access precise Clip note data -- then we could work around the essential features not yet implemented by the core team!


answered May 15 at 09:32 by voidshine (302)

I agree, I also would like to see Midi Warping.


answered May 15 at 11:41 by Jason31 (61)

You all are right, and actually the developers know that midi implementation is pretty scarse in functionalities in Bitwig.

There are many other things other than warping like midi export to name one.

I believe, better I hope, that those issues will be addressed and solved.

In the mean that me we have to rely on external software, which is horribly far from beardozer ng ideal.

Maybe we should massively ask to developers at : they aren't generally available here.

Keep calm and continue Bitwigging... L o l



answered May 15 at 14:50 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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