asked May 16 at 16:37 by tjam (11)

I would like to control a synth in bitwig with a Pbind, MIDIClient.init(); m =; //port m.noteOn(0, 60 , 30); //channel, midinote,vel

I can see that data is being passed into loopmidi, but I dont know how to trigger a synth. I set the ch to 1 in the inspector, but beyond this im not quite sure what to do.


I've never tried SuperCollider yet, but I guess you should use a virtual midi port to communicate with Bitwig.

On Linux you have to load the module snd_virmidi, but I guess you knew.

In the track in which you put the synth you want to control, select the virtual midi port as midi input. Should work.



answered May 17 at 04:10 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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