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Hi All, I am trying recording from a RØDE NT-USB into an audio track in Bitwig 3.1.3 on macOS 10.15.4. Recording works straight away in Ableton Live, but in Bitwig I can't see any input coming in.

I believe I've done everything by the book: the mic is set as the input device in Settings > Audio. I've tried recording both a first mono channel and an eventual second mono channel, or as a stereo channel. I have named the channel explicitly so to be able to select it unambiguously in the audio track settings. I arm the track in arrange mode, press record, press play, and a flat recording is visible.

I have also tried to use the NT-USB also as the output device, and it works nicely and I can hear myself (in loopback) and all Bitwig tracks in the headphones connected to the microphone. However, nothing is recorded.

I have found several threads showing how this appeared to be a challenge, at least in the past and in Windows. If Ableton Live works nicely, I can't see why Bitwig can't. There must be something I am missing. Thanks!


Solved the issue thanks to Jordan of Bitwig's customer support. The issue is caused by a known bug in Bitwig 3.1.x that is not able to trigger macOS' security features that ask the user to confirm that the application is authorised to access the microphone.

While waiting for Bitwig 3.2.x to solve the bug, the workaround is to launch Bitwig from the command line in a terminal by doing simply open /Applications/Bitwig\ (your path may be different). By doing so, it will be macOS' own terminal app that asks for permission for using the microphone, and that works!


answered May 25 at 15:36 by giacecco (36)

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