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I am using Yamaha MG12XU mixer as my audio interface, i have downloaded the driver and installed it in bitwig, but I cannot figure out why it is not working. i have connected my keyboard, guitar and mic to the mixer but bitwig isn't receiving the signal. Cannot figure out the inputs and outputs Does bitwig 16-track not support this? please help.

Give us more information. Do you see the MG12XU in Settings > Audio? Have you configured the input busses? What does it look like (give us a screenshot) etc.


answered May 22 at 11:33 by giacecco (36)

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strange... I've already answered this same question really a few days ago..yes, it was "hardware routing". Repeating events?

Your mixer has only 2-in/2-out via USB. So you will not find all the 12 inputs. No way...

It's a hardware limitation of your mixer, not of Bitwig.

Moreover, Bitwig doesn't have any driver by itself; it uses the Operating System. and your mixer is class-compliant so no drivers are needed.

Now, how did you configure Bitwig? which version? which Operating System are you on?

Using the operating system native audio control panel, can you monitor if the mixer is working? I mean via USB, not as a mixer.

And I repeat again: your mixer provides only main stereo in/out, 2 channels, via USB: read the Yamaha user manual.



answered May 22 at 11:49 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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