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When working on the arranger, selecting MIDI clips on multiple tracks should show all MIDI events from all selected track clips in the midi editor. They should be presented in the color of their respective track and those events from tracks other than the active track should be slightly grayed out. Additionally, user should be able to edit these events from this consolidated view.

This will be really helpful when working on orchestration which require working on multiple track in parallel.

alt text

Hi prods,

have you ever tried to press the "layered editing"? It already does what you want, I think.

It's the "layers" icon on the lower left of the clip editor.


Best regards,



answered May 22 at 11:35 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)


Thank you @Fabrizio! I could not find this anywhere so I decided to open a ticket, but this exactly what I was looking for, awesome.

So this is not a feature request anymore :).


  — (May 22 at 21:27) prods

You might change the title adding [solved] and selecting my answer as correct. Thank you if you take your time to do it. And Bitwig is full of small things a bit hidden, if you don't feel "adventurous"... lol... Fabrizio

  — (May 23 at 01:36) fsciarra62

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