asked May 22 at 17:20 by stangogh (13)

I want to use BitWig's lovely PolyGrid to create a complex signal. I want to convert this to a midi cc value to send over a virtual midi port such as loopMIDI so that I can access these midi values in another piece of software to link them to visuals. What is the proper way to do this? CV Out and HW Out don't seem to do anything.

  1. Attach a Modulator Out to the signal you want to send
  2. Add a MIDI CC Device to the PolyGrid FX Chain
  3. Set the Modulator Out to modulate a MIDI CC Knob
  4. Add a HW Instrument Device after the MIDI CC
  5. Select the MIDI port and channel you want to send to



answered May 22 at 18:30 by tres-e (28)

edited May 23 at 06:13

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