asked May 28 at 03:49 by Moulton (11)

Does Bitwig work with Presonus ioStation 24c? I'm going to get one, so was wondering if there are hoops to jump through, or if Bitwig would work with it out of the box. Thanks for you help

Should do yes, I have a faderport v2 in MCU Pro mode within Bitwig, most basic function work at the moment and I found running in logic MCU mode is working best for me. The faderport can be switched through a few modes for different Daws. Like I said logic's mode is working best for me but I haven't tested all modes yet,


answered May 31 at 01:39 by selahl (21)

Thanks for the answer Selahl. :) I'll try it in Logic's mode first then. My audio interface was not working right, so I thought why not get a fader with the new one... This seems like a great solution. I'll post how it works and any tweaks after it gets here. Thanks again.


answered May 31 at 01:44 by Moulton (11)

Anytime my friend. It works well and has enhanced my workflow tremendously.


answered Jun 01 at 11:12 by selahl (21)

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