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Hi, I'm trying to move from live to bitwig but (unsurprisingly) i'm having a few niggles. I was about to ask a question but in writing it and testing something in bitwig I found my answer! So I'll put it here in case anyone else (like me) has not read the manual and is getting frustrated because something doesn't seem to work the way you want it to (but it often does)

so the pencil tool in live is my favourite automation tool - and at first I thought the bitwig pencil tool was useless - maybe if I used a tablet drawing in high resolution curves by hand would be feasable but it really isn't with a mouse. But I've found that by alt+clicking you can draw in new value regions (hard edged 4-point stepped segments) with the pencil tool

Anyone else have any useful tips? Is there any way to just drag an automation line without first selecting the boundary nodes or selecting the exact region to manipulate?

[edit] and is there any way to invert the behaviour of the pencil tool? I would much rather have to hold alt for awkward curves than the more useful (to me) stepped drawing

Hi @apeshake,

Check out Baphometrix's Tutorials on Youtube, there's one covering automation.


answered May 30 at 09:25 by sticklebrick (480)

Thanks, I think i watched that one - i have been finding his tutorials very helpful - but i'll definitely give it another watch!

  — (May 30 at 17:54) apeshake

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