asked May 29 at 17:05 by apeshake (0)

I was surprised this isn't possible at the moment - I really hope it's coming in a future update!

Also some way to get values etc. from within grid to modulate other plugins on the track would be pretty special! (although i suppose audio outputs would cover this with audio rate mod!?)

Hi @apeshake,

It is absolutely possible. In the Grid, instead of Audio Out Modules, use Modulator Out Modules. Modulation signals in Bitwig are capable of accurately representing frequencies covering the full Audio Spectrum.

Devices nested within the Grid Device's Post FX slot can receive modulation signals from Grid Modulator Out Modules. Modulation signals can be converted to Audio by modulating the Gain Parameter of a DC Offset Device.

Based on this knowledge you should be able to achieve what you want. If you have any more questions, let me know.


answered May 30 at 08:54 by sticklebrick (480)

That's amazing thanks for the tip! I didn't think the modulators would operate at audio frequency (I was slow to reply because I was coming across a bug in the project I was trying this in, as soon as I tried it in a fresh project it worked perfectly) Thanks!

  — (Jun 03 at 11:20) apeshake

Just out of interest, what was the nature of your bug? I keep having issues with this technique where Grid Modulator Out modules previously routed to "external" parameters just stop working.

  — (Jun 03 at 11:29) sticklebrick

I had a patch set up and I just routed a second cable from my final envelope into a new modulator out to test this technique but the sound was suddenly completely different - like the filter/envelope parameters had changed ... happens every time i try to take another cable from that last envelope

sounds like a similar problem - maybe some of my other modulators are losing their connections (although it's within the grid, no external modulator connections yet). I'll have to have a long look to find out what's happening

  — (Jun 03 at 11:47) apeshake

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