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Is ther a way to record midi program changes?

I would like yo be able to record the instrument changes in the selector as I play. During the recording, I occasionally use my controller midi program change messages to trigger the instrument selector's instrument. But I realize that bitwig doesn't record those messages in the track along the other midi messages. :( Am I missing something, and if not, has anybody come up with a workaround?

Thank you in advance for any hint to a possible solution

Cheers, /Flavio.

Hi @Castellani,

See Image below.

The Macro modulator in the Program Change Device is assigned to the Program Value. The Instrument Selector is inserted into the Chain slot of the Program Change Device. The Instrument Selector now responds to Program Value changes of the Program Change Device. Changes to the Macro can be recorded as Automation. Note: In the example below, the Macro modulates the Program Value by +3.00. Any greater value than this causes the Instrument Selector to attempt to select a Layer index greater than 4 (Minimum Program Value of 1 + 3.00 = 4), this causes the Audio Engine to crash! At least for me anyway.

alt text


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