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In its simplest form for example, if i have 2 macro knobs both turned all the way down and i apply macro A to macro B so that now macro B is virtually at 50% is there now a way to tell macro B to assume that position as its new actual starting point at which time ill unapply macro A from it and macro B will be resting naturally at 50%.

Hi @Hudson,

I'm not quite sure what you are asking, but are you aware that the +- symbol on a macro, switches the macro's mode between bi-directional and uni-directional? Is this what you need?


answered Jun 01 at 10:12 by sticklebrick (480)

had to write my answer to your reply below because this box didn't offer enough characters

  — (Jun 01 at 12:40) Hudson

(to clarify) you know how if you use an lfo to modulate a macro you will see a blue saturn ring around said macro indicating the lfo's affect on the macro's position. & while the affected macro behaves as tho it were set to where the saturn ring is indicating, the affected macro is not itself pointing where the saturn ring is indicating it is. How do i tell the affected macro to assume the position that the saturn ring is causing it to virtually occupy so that i can then remove the source of the saturn ring and the previoussly affected macro will be in the precise position it had been while affected, without having to figure out the value and dial it in manually which i don't think is even possible in the context i want to apply it since the source of the saturn ring in my case is not a macro but a random lfo with infinite feedback, the random lfo is affecting the macro by 100% so the saturn ring is jumping all over the place and when i crank the feedback setting it will become stationary wherever it happens to land randomly, then from there i want to be able to tell the knob to assume that position naturally and then ill remove the randomizer from the equation. I need to know this because even tho i can freeze the randomizer by cranking the feed, if i like what wherever it landed is doing for me and save the chain , upon reloading it will just reset to the neutral position and whatever random outcome i had found will be lost.


answered Jun 01 at 12:38 by Hudson (11)

Hi @Hudson,

There is no simple way to "physically" move macro B to the position of the blue ring. I have one idea that might work for you.

You could look at the Sample and Hold modulator. Modulate the Input knob of the Sample and Hold modulator with the source modulation for example an LFO. Next use a Button modulator to modulate the Time Base value of the Sample and Hold modulator by +100%, this will select the last option in the drop down list of values "Hold (rate of zero)". Now when you press the button the Sample and Hold will hold it's Output value at whatever the Input value was when the Button was pressed.

alt text


answered Jun 01 at 16:15 by sticklebrick (480)

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