asked Jun 01 at 16:23 by m0rphism (11)


is there a way to clear the audio buffer in the delay device?

My use case is that I switch between having the delay active and inactive each 2 bars by automating the On/Off switch. The problem is that when the delay is reactivated, the buffer still contains audio data from the last time it was active, which I don't want in this case. So I'm wondering if there is some way to tell the delay to reset its buffer to zeros, or if there is at least some workaround which can achieve similar results.

Thanks for your time!

Hi @m0rphism,

Could you automate the feedback of the delay to 0 instead?


answered Jun 01 at 16:27 by sticklebrick (480)

Haha, that was my first thought, too :)

Unfortunately, it has no effect. I think the the changed feedback only applies to audio that comes into the delay after changing the feedback.

  — (Jun 01 at 17:45) m0rphism

Hmm, it seems to has some effect, but it doesn't immediately kill the buffer. I just made a more isolated test. After setting feedback to zero, I can still hear the delay produce audio for another bar. So it reduces the effect but doesn't get rid of it.

  — (Jun 01 at 17:51) m0rphism

You could also try decreasing the delay time temporarily as well to "clear out" the buffer quicker.

  — (Jun 01 at 17:59) sticklebrick

Unfortunately still not sufficient :/ Pulling the delay time down causes artifacts which reappear when I pull the feedback back up again. But thanks for the help, it's appreciated!

  — (Jun 01 at 18:09) m0rphism

Weirdly, if I set feedback to 0 and delay time to 1/16, and then keep those settings for at least 12/16, then the buffer seems to be cleared. But pulling down delay time to 1/16 causes nasty artifacts. Otherwise it would work as a workaround.

  — (Jun 01 at 18:23) m0rphism

You could alternate between 2 parallel delays, thus giving the previous one more time to clear out it's buffer.


answered Jun 01 at 18:23 by sticklebrick (480)

Good idea, that should work. One could even abstract that with macro knobs for choosing the delay. But it would still be nice to have builtin support for clearing the buffer. While performance shouldn't suffer too much from this workaround, since the alternative delays can be completely deactivated, it might still be difficult to get the corner cases right, such that this works with long delay times and without artifacts.

  — (Jun 01 at 18:30) m0rphism

I smell a feature request

  — (Jun 01 at 18:31) sticklebrick

Is there some dedicated forum for feature requests / bug reports? I'm still unclear if I should mark this issue as solved or leave it open as a feature request ^-^

  — (Jun 01 at 18:33) m0rphism

Leave it open, your original query has not been solved, there is no way to clear out the buffer except to wait for the device to decay to silence.

  — (Jun 01 at 18:40) sticklebrick

Top, makes sense. Thanks again for your help

  — (Jun 01 at 18:43) m0rphism
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