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My audio interface has several physical outs. (It's an MPC X).

The main outputs (output 1/2) go to my speakers (studio monitors).

I want to duplicate this on output 3/4 of my interface. I can create an additional bus for 3/4. However, it seems like I have to choose one or the other. The output for master can either be 1/2 (which it is, and goes to the speakers). Or it can be 3/4. But if I do that sound no longer comes out of the speakers.

How can I route the master so audio is sent to both output busses? (1/2 and 3/4). Part of the reason for needing to do this is the output level is very high, and I need to reduce it. I'm recording to an external device on output 3/4 and the level is too loud. I've tried using the HW FX plugin, and it can send the output to 3/4. However, the signal is too loud even after reducing to -24db.

So... basically, I want to duplicate the master channel to output 3/4, but have it's own audio level slider so I can reduce the level enough that it won't clip on my external recorder.

I'm sure there is a way, but between the MPC X and Bitwig I can't quite get it to work. For clarity, I can get it to work... but it's a big series of compromises. Reduce the level on the master enough that the HW FX output on 3/4 isn't too loud - but then my speakers are too quiet.

A bit complicated to explain... just wondering if anyone has any thoughts.

Distilled down to the basic question: if you have multiple physical output busses, how can you get the master to send to both of them at the same time - with independent level controls to each output?

Thank you.

Hi @dgoodale,

In the Audio Settings, if your audio interface supports multiple outputs, you should see something like this:

alt text

The name in the black box and the "Role" option may differ to what you see as I have changed these myself. The main thing to take note of, is that there are 4 circles, this shows that my interface has 4 Outputs (2 Stereo Pairs).

Clicking on any of the 4 buttons underneath will add output busses. For a new stereo output buss that will use outputs 3/4 click either of the 3 buttons labelled "Add Stereo", "Add Speakers", "Add Headphones". It's confusing but as far as I can tell these 3 buttons essentially do the same thing, the only difference is the pre-selected "Role" option given to the new output buss.

I'm going to select "Add Speakers" as I intend to use this second output for a second pair of speakers. And this is what I now see: alt text

Call your new output buss whatever you want, I'm going to call mine Line Out 3/4 as this is what my audio interface outputs are labelled as:

alt text

Back in the Arranger window. I can now set the output buss of the Master Track to "Line Out 1/2": alt text Next I'm going to rename the S1 Effect Track as "Line Out 3/4", set the output buss of this track to "Line Out 3/4" and the input to be Master(PRE): alt text I now have the audio from the Master (PRE Fader) going to outputs 3/4 via the track "Line Out 3/4" and I am able to adjust the volume of Output 3/4 with the volume slider in the arranger window. I hope this has been of help to you.


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