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Has anyone else seen this problem?

I have been experimenting with creating a wavetable synth in the grid.

I have connected a sampler output to the trigger input of the existing oscillator.

If I change waveforms inside the sampler the trigger input on the oscillator fails to register the sampler output.

If I recreate the sampler instance with a new waveform and connect to the oscillator trigger input it works again.

If I change the waveform in that new sampler the connection to the oscillator is lost again.

Somewhat annoying. If anybody knows a work around it would be appreciated.

HI @arktek,

I'm not sure why you would want to connect the output of a sampler to any inputs of an oscillator. Could you explain what you are trying to achieve by doing this?


answered Jun 11 at 21:19 by sticklebrick (480)

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Hi @sticklebrick,

I found a tutorial on how to use the Grid to make a wavetable type of synth...using a simple sampler module feeding into the oscillator. By feeding the sampler signal into the trigger input it allows you to tweak the sampler waveform output further through the use of the oscillator knobs. It works great until you replace the waveform in the sampler and then the connection is lost. The only way to change waveforms in the sampler is to replace the entire sampler module....


answered Jun 12 at 04:36 by arktek (11)

Hi @arktek,

Please could you post a link to the tutorial?

  — (Jun 12 at 09:21) sticklebrick

Hi @sticklebrick.

I just had another look at it and I think I might have been going through some phase modulations of my own. From memory I could have sworn he did some fancy bit connecting to the trigger input...alas, that’s not the case. But, it does work for there any reason why I can’t send an oscillator signal into the trigger input of another oscillator? It’s all voltage isn’t it? Or, does the voltage level have to be within a different range than what the oscillator produces?

  — (Jun 12 at 13:23) arktek

It’s a good the way....

  — (Jun 12 at 13:24) arktek

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