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Hi, I record MIDI files containing MPE data on the iPad with the Photon-AU app inside AUM - the MPE data originate from Touchscaper, whose MIDI out feature (is absolute awesome by the way !) creates channel-pressure (aftertouch) MIDI events for those notes whose touches are moved around the iPad display after "touch down" ... this may be better undestood watching the developers great tutorial videos on youtube (Robs Youtube Channel).

But anyhow, I got MIDI files containing MPE data, which I want to import in Bitwig - which works for the notes, but not for the MPE data, which means they don't show up in the pressure lane of the expression "expansion" of the midi clip editor or any where else (also no MIDI CC lane).

That these channel-pressure data exist in the MIDI file, I verified with a Midi Editor (, but when I drag & drop import them in a track in Bitwig, none of these MPE data gets imported ... I cannot show you the screenshots which would make these explanations more easy to understand, as I got not enough karma-point in this forum (really ??? ... Bitwig supporter - please rethink this !).

Any ideas how to import the MPE data or how to transform the midi file before hand, to get it into Bitwig is very much appreciated.

thanks & cheers soundy

Hi, as I layed myself down to sleep I got the idea for a workaround and it does work, although I think this should (has to ;-) work out of the box & directly via drag & drop.

The Solution : let a second MIDI Editor, which reads & processes the MPE data from the file correctly (as the mentioned MidiEditor does), playback the MIDI file by using a loopback MIDI Port on the PC as the output, as for e.g. loopBe or loopMidi, and grab that loopback MIDI Port as an input in Bitwig.

Be careful though, to use a MPE compatible MIDI Controler template as the "Roli Seaboard" e.g. to set up the loopback MIDI Port as a "MIDI device" - or you won't get the MPE / channel pressure data.

This is another thing dear Bitwig'ers you could (should ;-) think about : there should be a Bitwig native MPE ready MIDI Controller template - it took a me a long way to realize that I have to use the Roli Templates, in order to be able to record MPE data inside Bitwig.

MPE is awesome and Bitwigs feature "Note Event Expressions" (chapter 10.1.3 in the manual by the way) as a seperate MIDI editor pane is well done - but its rarely documented in the context of a real MPE workflow, which means its hard to get ones head around how to use MPE in Bitwig.

And MPE is at the fingertips of all Bitwig users who own an iPad - yes the Roli Seabord and alike are great, but these devices are expensive ... if you got an iPad, there are great MPE ready apps for just a few Euros or Dollars: Touchscaper, Geoshred and KB-1 as an explicit MPE Keyboard, which can be joyful used as MPE Controller ... so MPE is a real & here - and awesome fun with Synthesizers like Arturia Pigments 2, Continua, Serum, etc and Bitwigs synths as well.

I think it would make sense dear Bitwig'er to make a YouTube Video with this kind of workflow and hence inspire more of your users to use & enjoy it.

Anway ... my workaround does the job, but not very well ... I am not happy about the overall workflow from the iPad to Bitwig in my special usecase (I need more than 1 MIDI Port) and I will come back to this later, when I got something working ... but maybe someone has an idea in the meanwhile?

As a sneak preview : I need multiple MIDI Ports (not only multiple channles) from the iPad to the PC in order to grab all of Touchscapers several Instruments MIDI Out Ports (as each instruments needs a complete MIDI Port because of MPE) ... my tryouts that did not work are : StudioMux drops MPE specific data (no channel pressure), musicIO Midi over USB seems to support only 1 Port, mulitple MIDI Network Sessions does not seem to be supported (it does a fan out on all rtpMidi sessions simultaneously that the iOS device is connected to) on the iPad ;-(.

So using a versatile MIDI Hardware seems so be the only solution (like the iConnectivity mio2, which gets you 10 MIDI Ports with 16 Channels each, and is about 70€ street price), but I hope there is an easier and less hardware + cables kind of solution.

cheers soundy


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