asked Jul 01 at 06:30 by robcranfill (11)

When I upgrade from, say, 3.2.2 to 3.2.3, it seems that the old version is still installed. Am I supposed to un-install the old version(s) myself? I guess this is a feature, in case I find something I don't like about the new version I can go back?

Yes, starting with 3.2.1 bitwig supports installing new versions side by side. Starting with 3.3.2 the installer no longer removes the previous version. This is a cool feature that lets you try out new features and possibly discover new bugs before you move that half finished project into the new version. If there are any problems you can simply keep using the older version. But at the same time you can explore the new one. When you are ready you can uninstall the previous version.

Some people have suggested that it would have been nice if the installer had an option to select the old behavior and uninstall the old version. That said, uninstalling manually is pretty easy.


answered Jul 01 at 12:14 by djx (315)

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