asked Dec 05 '13 at 03:14 by eg (280)


MIDI learn for knobs etc. is working great. Will there be an easy way to map MIDI &/or computer keyboard navigation of clips, firing of scenes, manipulation of the interface etc. to allow easy custom mapping without delving into Javascript?


I second that. Buttons for "Scene Up / Down / Start" would be really helpful.


answered Dec 05 '13 at 16:56 by LarsK (56)

So far clips and scenes can only be triggered by controller scripts, while the current midi assignment (midi learn) works for the rest of the parameters in the GUI (sliders, knobs etc.).

Even with midi learn for clips and scenes being high on the wish list, we might even add more generic controller scripts with basic scene and/or clip control mapped to standard midi messages so that you can set up your controller accordingly, until the midi learn feature has been done.


answered Dec 10 '13 at 14:36 by dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

Yes please this is needed soon so we can quickly assign things to controllers!


answered Dec 06 '13 at 18:27 by elemental (391)

Clip & Scene navigation, start and stop assignability is pretty essential I personally feel.

Also - my launchpad LOVES bitwig - the step sequencing is AWESOME - and the various modes work great - but am i missing how to fire Scenes, not just clips?



answered Dec 09 '13 at 03:14 by eg (280)


hold the 'session' button and press any slot in the scene to launch the scene

  — (Dec 09 '13 at 22:32) Claes

Also worth mentioning, it would be nice if notes could be latched to knobs for momentary (or toggle) effects. I can change my Livid controllers to have the buttons output CC for momentary effects, but inferior :) controllers probably can't do that.


answered Dec 11 '13 at 22:39 by pnyboer (66)

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