asked Mar 22 '14 at 00:28 by dedwild (11)

How do I stretch a song at Bitwig, as is done in Ableton Live. In Bitwig not find them something like modes: "Warp from here", "straight from Warp" ... In my opinion it is important to software for performance and DJing. If Bitwig Studio still does not have it (I have not found). I suggest that you have! I managed to stretch a few songs, but it was not as practical as I thought.

There are four modes: Raw, Stretch, Stretch HD and Repitch. You select the one you want in the Inspector. You can set the original tempo in the Tempo box underneath. If you chop off any blank audio at the start, and set the correct original tempo, Bitwig Studio should warp (stretch) the track perfectly straight away. You can use Mixed in Key to analyze all your tracks for pitch and tempo. You can set the length of audio which is left in the raw state when imported into Bitwig Studio in Preferences. For example anything shorter than 0.5 or longer than 30 seconds.


answered Mar 23 '14 at 09:54 by wiggy (300)

Hi , I am new to bitwig , first worked with ableton live , working with live mash up with remixes and productions that require the development time of several audio tracks , live does this work , with some corrections with the warp you can synchronize almost automatically traces that are charged , and can also bitwing , thanks


answered Feb 25 '15 at 17:05 by maudee (11)

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