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Hey hey,

Exporting stems for Multi Out Instruments: Im having a hard time figuring out how to export stems for multiple output instruments like Kontakt, Maschine, etc. How do i export individual tracks from multiple out put instruments?

IK Multimedia ARC Where are you placing your ARC plugin? Is it the Master channel or is there something like a control room mixer?


So, here's a workaround i came up with, its a nuisance but....

Setting up stems for multi-output instruments (Maschine, Kontakt, etc) for non-Bitwig mixing and/or collaborations:

For this example, im using Native Instruments Maschine.
1.) Open a new project
2.) Add Maschine and set pad outputs 1~16.
3.) Create 1 audio track

4.) In Machine device panel, select "Show plug-in multi-out chain selector" tab (2 horizontal arrows) .
5.) Select "Add Missing Chains"
6.) Mute all but the first channel (15 channels should be muted, this is to prevent the same sound to play from different sources.)

7.) In Audio Track, rename channel to Maschine Out 2 (or whatever you like)
8.) In Audio Track, add "Audio Receiver" under "Routers" in the devices menu.
9.) In Audio Track device panel, select Audio Receiver and choose your output source (pre or post). Source > Maschine > Maschine Chain > Maschine Out 2 (3/4).

To add more channels Duplicate Audio track, Rename (ie Maschine Out 3), set Audio Receiver source to Maschine Out 3 (or whatever Maschine output you like).

All MIDI will take place in the main Machine Instruments track.

To Export stems, go to File > Export to Audio > Select all Maschine channels you set up.

Since Bitwig doesnt have an option to setup default project templates, Save your project as something you will recognize easily, i saved mine as MyDefaultTemplate.

Is there a simplified version of this?


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This is a great thing, I think everyone feels this information is very valuable, thank you temmple run 3


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