asked Apr 03 '15 at 16:57 by Jim2014 (113)

Does Bitwig allow for TWO edit windows to be open at the time -- one ABOVE other to visually perceive transient points for synchronized editing?

I'd like to tighten up an imported Kick sound with an existing human performed drum track using the human performed drunk track as the source for aligning the electronic kick sound I imported from the browser... .

This process is fastest for me to be able to SEE the original human played drum kit sound file and then adjust the imported audio element TO it. Example : Drum loop section playing in a scene. Audition several loops from the browser then find one that is nice however it doesn't quite LOCK to the human played drum track -- some flap on the Kick...

I'd like to SEE and ZOOM INTO BOTH sound files stacked one on the other and adjust the element imported from the browser using the visual reference of the above Drum Kit...

Additional Consideration: The drum kit is an exported stem from a track and the drum take is not blaring loud so the wave form is a bit small -- so next question is how to increase the SIZE of the waveform in the edit window to clearly locate the transients I want to lock up the imported loop TO ?

Thanks !

Yes this is possible.

Double click your Wav Clip, click the Stack of Cards icon in the top left of the Editor Segment. You will get a lot of options there on the left.

You can overlay MIDI Roll over a wav clip, a wav clip above another wav clip. You can lock the different clips to prevent accidental editing, and a lot of other things. alt text

alt text


answered Apr 11 '15 at 00:17 by natieklopper (46)

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