asked Apr 04 '15 at 13:27 by Strangetown (69)

I've asked the question below of tech support via email, is this any closer to being supported or does anyone have a workaround?

Hi, i have a firewire audio device (presonus firebox) which I wish to use with my Linux laptop. I've got the audio working but I also need the midi as well (both in and out). I seem to remember reading somewhere that you haven't implemented midi in linux using firewire and Jack. Is this the case? If so when are you going to do so?

So, no answers at all? None?


answered Apr 09 '15 at 11:21 by Strangetown (69)

You can use the application j2amidi_bridge which is part of the a2jmidid package.

I'm not exactly sure how to use it (i've pasted the man page below) but if it works like a2jmidid then it will simply be matter of issuing the command and specifiying the midi device you want to bridge (probably by the ALSA name or device number which you can get by issuing aplay -l )

Once you work that out you could consider putting it into a custom service that runs at startup or write a wrapper (simple bash script) for launching bitwig. Jack needs to be running first

j2amidi_bridge(1) User Manuals j2amidi_bridge(1)

NAME j2amidi_bridge - static bridge with one ALSA input port and one JACK MIDI output port

SYNOPSIS j2amidi_bridge [NAME]

DESCRIPTION A single, static, one-way bridge from JACK MIDI to legacy ALSA MIDI. Mostly useful for those needing a steady bridge rather than an active briding daemon such as a2jmidid. Multiple instances of this can be run simultaneously.

OPTIONS NAME names the given bridge with the name provided

AUTHOR Eric Hedekar <after the="" beep="" at="" g="" mail="" dot="" nospam="" com="">

SEE ALSO a2jmidid(1), a2j_control(1), a2jmidi_bridge(1)


answered Jul 03 '15 at 03:13 by sonofzev (11)

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