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I purchased bitwig when it first came out and had the same Problem so I sold Bitwig although I forgot until I just purchased It again, but all said and done I thought this would have been solved as a known bug by now. Basically, 1 )when Playing my track the Play marker lags behind and even sticks the track does seem to be struggling although does not sound as lagged as the actual Play marker shows as it scrolls. 2) I cant navigate around Bitwig as everything is just lagging and struggling to move around the GUI 3)_The same type of situation when resizing the Arrange view, scrolling, sticks and jumps so that I cant home in very well, and the whole GUI seems to stick and struggle its a right horrible mess, the whole of bitwig is struggling as if their is some CPU issue, But yet that can not be the problem on my end, as I use my setup without issues on at least 4 other DAWS over the past year and all have and are still fine with very large Songs. Not sure where to go from here quite disappointed, as it just seem to get much worse until it all just freezes so I have to crash it

My system is: 7 core, Intel(R) CORE(tm) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.70 GHz, 12 GB Ram, 500gb Main drive, 250 GB Project/Song saving drive, 3TB external Libraries,samples,Midi, presets drive, 2x24 Displays,
Native Instruments - Komplete audio 6 - Sound card_ Buffer Size 1024 - Asio - 44100.0Hz, Komplete Kontrol 61,
Maschine Studio, Akai APC40MK11, Arturia Minlab,

I have double checked all setting match up with my soundcard and Bitwig Audio setup, I have disable sleep for my USB root drive, full power plan.

What more can I say I don't have any issues similar with any other Programs, and I cant use Bitwig Unfortunately, I would much appreciate any help or info if known before I contact support.


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