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I am laying down streams of single ideas and want to compile them into folders as audio bits to re import again into sessions. There are often "nice accidents" where a rhythm based synth patch will play back as triplets or other time bases which are OFF to the master tempo in the Bitwig sequencer. I would like to be able to simply drag an audio clip from the time into the "browser samples" section for later retrieval and to drag back onto the time line in another project... I can't seem to find a way to make this work...

It seems the only type of exporting (of audio bits from the active timeline) is where it makes a clip and this only shows up in the "Browser Files Section." The newly exported element also plays back at a re configured tempo as if it has an automatic time correcting grid to it when reviewing the audio bit using the small playback window on the lower right of the Browswer... It shows up only as a bitwig clip file and not as raw audio (.wav) .

How can I easily take single timeline snips of audio as raw .wav files and export them to then be able to easily pull them back into another project or to compile audio bits directly into the sampler browser?

Ideally I want to be able to access them as raw .wav files with no time correct yet applied to them and just drag them from the active time into any browser section desired. I'd like to be able to easily file them on export -- create folders and names easily on the fly -- and then easily drag them back at a later date onto the audio time line and into the clip window.

Any ideas of how to best go about this with the current Bitwig software?

PS I sent an email to bitwig with ideas on future upgrades to achieve this quick file drag export feature...


When you drag a clip from the Arranger to the Browser it seems to save it as a *.bwclip file under Bitwig's user data under "Clips".

If you save the "Clips" folder location as another location under User Library, you will be able to drag it from there like any other sample/device/etc.

alt text

user data on OSX is under /user/Library/Application Support/Bitwig and Windows is probably under C:\Users\Appdata or something (Haven't used Windows in a while)

To add Clips as folder: Browser Configuration>Add Location

BWClips save the onsets and other info on it as well.


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