asked Apr 08 '15 at 12:55 by Orik (32)

Hi, I have recently updated to version 1.1.7, I already installed all the essentials and packages but...all of a sudden in the bitwig package manager it shows me that nothing was installed, now the default location for the essensials is gone, so I opened a new folder "installed bitwig but when i try to install it says, "Error installing packages: Not enough space to download and install the packages"....and there is plenty of space...

Please help

having this problem on the newest version? 3.1.2? help?


answered Jan 13 at 21:03 by shade360 (11)

I have the same issue. Although I got there from another known bug, which is the error you get when you try to change your destination, because of a faulty external hard drive. After reinstalling, deleting the preference file and cleaning the registry I was able to change the destination for the packages, but now I am getting this "not enough space" error. 25gb should still be enough no.. ^^ I hope someone comes up with a solution soon! I am still waiting for Bitwig support to answer me, but it seems like they're struggling with it, as well


answered Feb 07 at 15:33 by Postulka (0)

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