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Hi Everyone.

I was wondering if there might be some consideration given to implimentaion for a script for Leap Motion. I can't code or script to save an Ass's backside else I'd have a bash myself. Coupled with Geco it acts as a pretty fun midi CC controller. Also, have any other of the new agey type midi controllers been condisered for implimentation for bitwig. Anybody else know of some that could help set bitwig apart (even more) from the crowd?


Edit: Just like me to type before I research properly....This seems to have been covered already

Huge Kudos!!!

Edit 2: Nutz, looks like I'll have to learn to code after all, may God help us all.....

Edit 3: Egads!! I have managed to get it to work. Bit of an odd one this so I can only speak for my own setup:

Windows 7 64 bit, LS56, Steinberg Midex 8, Leap Motion + Geco.

Added a Key Generic Keyboard with 8 Device knobs in Bitwig Controller setup. Set the input as Liquid56 MIDI. Ran a midi cable from Midex out (number 3 in my case) to the LS56 Midi in. Set Geco to send midi to Midex 3. That sealed the deal. I have only tested it in VSL, NI Massive and Kontakt so far but they all work.

I am guessing that it will only be possible to configure a maximum of 8 gestures per track but alas I am but a humble slob man and no squid boy.

I should still seriously learn to code though.

Happy arm ache, GonzoFB

Edit 4: DO NOT USE WITH will appear on the missing person's register.

Did you manage to make LM work in BW in full potential? I see there is still no scrip - Ableton have one ages and it force me use ableton again.(((

Edit: LoopBe1 with Geco (in 2020 v2 with update files…/6585 ) works.


answered Jan 03 '19 at 00:49 by Sigsally (24)

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