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I've been using Bitwig for a month and I really enjoy it. Something that I'd like to be able to do is to auto-save vst presets to bitwig format. For now, we have to do it one by one so i thought we could share our work!

So far I've saved 18 of my favorite Sylenth's presets. If you want to to share it just send me a message. I prefer to play at other venues with more adequate policies and stakes. In fact, seemingly easy-to-reach different bets and bonuses end up losing all the money you have. I play in quieter places I have been in trouble many times and learned to be restrained. If I see that the policy of the site is adequate, then I am ready to play there. A convenient and clear interface also adds confidence to me. That's why I play on such sites as this.


answered Jun 01 at 08:38 by JonathanTMcFarland (17)

Yes, we're thinking of some sharing/collaboration methods and probably will add something.

Sure you can share presets, please just be careful not to share stuff the original creators don't want shared publicly.

I personally use github to share presets and other stuff, so i automatically get versioning and a nice distributed backup ;)


answered May 20 '15 at 15:52 by riot ♦♦ (1.8k)

This is huge for me. I am using ableton now almost fully because there is a userbase of shared third party presets which I can organize in my user library. Still trying to make Bitwig my main rig and this would be a HUGE step! They only people close are NI with NKS but they already had a way to convert presets back in the Kore days so Im not sure how no one has made real progress with this!


answered Nov 30 '16 at 17:45 by SkySplitterInk (11)

Now I'm managing VST's presets as NKS format, and sharing it on github. And it is possible to convert .nksf files to .bwpreset file.

Currentrly, I'm torn between share .bwpreset files or not for some reasons.

  • Bitwig preset file contains personal information.
  • It maybe a little bit noisy tagging because of programmatic conversion. Based on my expireiance, It may be cause of problem on a certain controller.
  • Bitwig Studio don't allow to use some characters for preset name(equal filename). Currently I ignore it. Most characters works on mac, but I'm not sure it will work or not on windows.

Sometimes I receive email about build instructions. Sorry, It's difficult to explain detailed instructions due to my english skill, so I will try to explain it briefly in here.

  • To setup build environment

Please refer to * *

  • Where to place .bwpreset file

Edit following part of

    presets: "#{process.env.HOME}/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Library/Presets"
  • If you don't like containing my personal information in preset file.

    replace folloing file with your own saved file.

    src/(plugin name)/templates/(plugin name).bwpreset

  • Execute export command

    gulp <plugin>-export-bwpreset

e.g) case of serum

  gulp serum-export-bwpreset

PS. Please don't request me to other plugin's presets. Basically this is a my personal project.


answered Dec 01 '16 at 15:50 by Masafumi (21)

edited Dec 01 '16 at 16:12

I haven't looked into this yet but thats awesome you can convert those! Wish there was a way to convert ADG files!

Thanks a lot.


answered Jan 06 '17 at 20:28 by SkySplitterInk (11)

I have been struggling for days with how to get Analog Lab 2 patches browseable in Bitwig via the Nektar Panorama. I just ran "gulp analoglab2-export-bwpreset" and all my problems are solved! Thank you so much!


answered Sep 14 '17 at 06:11 by dacc (11)


answered Nov 04 '18 at 10:35 by kdejaeger (9)

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