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I have just discovered that it is possible to bounce selected areas of a track. This is great as sometimes one would like to make sections with other section without spliting long midi notes which would ruin/cause problems later in the track. Would it be possible to do the same but to also be able to bounce to a new midi - in that it would duplicate that midi section to a new track(along with the option to include with it any automation contained within) instead of just the option of the emerging bounce being an audio file. Like I say, this would mean you could snip out and rearrange your song with ease without worrying about splitting long midi notes that would cause issues further in the song.

Also, and perhaps this could be a useful part of such an idea, to bounce to clip - with a choice of bouncing as audio or midi based on what you need. Again with the option to bounce along with it any automation information contained within the section.

I hope that makes sense and also am aware that it enters the domain where there is a current issue with sending midi from different tracks to the same instrument on the same midi channel but hopefully that will be sorted soon.

One more thing, I have been told that recording lanes/takes are on the future wish list and was just wondering how far in the future. It really is something that is crucial for some of us to avoid loosing one off inspiration creations.

Cheers guys!!


Not sure what you mean - I route multiple midi channels through one instrument regularly, and don't have any problems. I'm on Windows 7 if that helps. In fact, having just tested it, when I copy by dragging the clip holding control, my automation from the original is saved in the copy as well.

When you say 'bounce to a new midi' - can you not achieve precisely the same thing by simply copying the midi section you want to whatever the new instrument is? Or do you mean putting several layers of midi into a single instrument roll? I'm not sure if there's a faster way at the moment, but I just route all the midi I want in a single clip to one instrument and record.

Could you give more details of the issue with trying to send midi? I haven't come across any problems myself but if I can recreate what you're doing I can investigate.


answered Apr 22 '15 at 13:34 by MellowVenom (309)

Hi NoCrooner.

I didn't explain what I meant too well. Sometimes when looping sections of midi and editing I get ideas for how that section could actually spawn a fresh idea for a new song or for how the song itself could develope differently to how I was planning. I was looking for a way to bounce the section that I was looping (not to audio) in a way that would not be destructive to the current composition. If have found that if you highlight the the area you are looping, or any section of your tune, and drag it to the 'clips section' it will take all of the midi with it and the information ( I know this isn't new to most people but when I find something that is quite a game changer for me I tend to blab about it incase someone else who is new may not be aware of it). You can then copy it from there to anywhere in your track to play with and continue to develope your new idea.
I was hoping that it would also be possible for midi information, such as a chord that has been triggered earlier than in the highlighted section I am looping, would be copied with it also - as if it were audio. It might be an area or section of which the highlight are is not the starting point of the bar or where some of the notes have been triggered from. A way that it could see that a note(s) triggered before the highlighted area is still playing and manage, when copying/bouncing, to re-initiate those notes in the newly pasted section.

This is ofcourse impossible I realised, due to the nature of midi. Presuming that bitwig would be able to look into my mind and guess what extra audio/note triggers I would like it to copy is really being a little unfair to the poor guy.

Thanks for your kind reply and you have touched upon something that I noticed today. I wanted to create a unison part for a an polyphonic instrument within the same track and so selected the midi notes , copied them to the clipboard, used the inspecter to set the original notes down an octave and then pasted the notes from the clipboard. However, instead of pasting the notes to where they were copied from (as there was space there now as I had just moved the originals, it pasted them in the correct place but also removed the notes I had just moved down an octave. Pasting the whole midi area - rather than the midi notes. Ofcourse this wasn't hard to work around but just something that I noticed.

Love this DAW :)



answered Apr 23 '15 at 07:00 by GonzoFB (60)

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I'm still not sure I fully understand, but when I need to copy precise sections of MIDI like you're suggesting, the automation is all copied along with it. If I'm copying AFTER the note/chord I want has started, I simply highlight the first note and drag it so it starts where my chop has started. The chop isn't destructive, I just select the area and hold control when I drag the midi to a new one.

Despite the fact that it's probably quite a long-winded way of doing it, I do exactly what you do with duplicating things an octave down/up to fill out texture. BitWig even has an octave up/down button, so I'm not sure how it's not copying them to the correct area for you. What I do is:

  1. Select part/instrument to double.
  2. Right click - duplicate on the whole channel.
  3. Highlight appropriate MIDI information.
  4. Hit +12/-12 on the far left hand side to move it up or down an octave.

The automation should be copied as well.

Are you saying that you would like BitWig to re-trigger the first note from wherever you chop the midi from? If so, I'm not sure that's a feature of any DAW that I know of anyway, because I'm not sure that's how MIDI works.

If you just want specific notes/a specific note you can select it on the piano on the right side of the piano roll editor to select every instance of that note in the clip.

I hope none of this sounds like I'm just explaining the obvious to you. Best of luck finding the solution soon.


answered Apr 23 '15 at 14:55 by MellowVenom (309)

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