asked Mar 28 '14 at 22:02 by MashineMusic (26)

Can you change tempos? for instance like in Live naming a scene with 109 BPM will set the tempo to 109?

One thing that's critical in light of the asking price for this product ($299 as of this moment) is a tempo track, which behaves like an automation lane and allows smooth, continuous graduation from one tempo to another. Until it has that (or someone can show me that it does and how to use it), I'll be holding back on any purchase.

  — (Mar 12 '15 at 23:40) gerg

gerg, it's pretty easy: the master track has an automation lane with tempo (among other things). This can be used in the arrangement or in clip launcher.

  — (Dec 05 '16 at 10:26) fredrik

Sorry thats wrong, after some trying i found it. create a clip on the master track, then go in to the automation menu, there u can change the tempo of every scene. its pretty straightforwar i think! hope this helps


answered Mar 31 '14 at 19:52 by timohenrik (26)

You mean you can draw tempo automation in the arrangement section? Sure but that does not allow the OP to do what he describes in his post… this is useless in a live setting.

  — (Mar 31 '14 at 20:45) Matt_Riley

no, in mix view (or clip launcher view): create a clip on the master-channel (like you have clips of loops and or instruments on every track), wenn you do a tempo automation in this clip on the master-channel (for example on scene1 bpm100, scene2 bpm120, scene3 etc). when you then switch from one scene to the next, tempo will change. just like in ableton. absolutely usable in a live setting..actually pretty much the same like in ableton

  — (Mar 31 '14 at 20:50) timohenrik

the clips on the master channel acts a little bit like a dummy click for different automation options...

  — (Mar 31 '14 at 20:50) timohenrik

I see now. I can be done but it's a lot more cumbersome than Ableton where you can just rename the clip with the bpm.

  — (Mar 31 '14 at 22:06) Matt_Riley

What's cumbersome about not only being able to SET a tempo but AUTOMATE not only tempo but ALL transport functions such as groove, shuffle and accent.

This could lead to some badass hihat variations. If it worked, that is. right now with 1.05 the master mutes as soon as a master clip is launched. Dammit.

  — (Apr 02 '14 at 22:58) joergwessels

No unfortunately. Another absolutely crucial feature that Bitwig is missing. Hopefully they develop that soon.


answered Mar 31 '14 at 00:57 by Matt_Riley (501)

Go up to your BPM. Right click and hit "Add Automation Lane". Go to Arrangement view (if not there already). Create Arranger Clip on Master Track. Hit "Show Automation Panel" (on the bottom right of Arrange Mix Master).Hit Mixer Volume. Select Tempo. Click towards the bottom of the open space. Begin Automating. :) Figured this out in a couple minutes. Took me like half an hour on Ableton. XD


answered Dec 01 '16 at 07:20 by Cat (11)

Right now in the process of trying Bitwig. Migrating from Ableton is around the corner but one huge hold off for me is truly not being able to simply write 110BPM 5/8, 88BPM 4/4 and such, either on the scene launcher or on a dummy clip in the master track. (I do understand all explanations about automating tempo and recognize it's powerful but it is tedious versus simply writing down time signature and BPM)


answered Oct 23 '19 at 07:43 by gueeguy (11)

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