asked Mar 29 '14 at 19:18 by fnnaji (11)

Is there a way to control the pitch of a waveform in an audiochannel in realtime? If so, do we have something like a vocoder or harmonizer to juice up e.g. a vocal line?

Definately needed!


answered Apr 03 '14 at 20:36 by jaredjoly (10)

To my knowledge the nearest function is the audio mod, with that you could aplly to any signal the amplitude envelope of another channel.


answered Apr 04 '14 at 19:33 by Jules (suspended)

Non, audio mod is only to add a filter (or other fx, but I thnk you can't use it to add a synth who modulate the voice)

  — (Apr 07 '14 at 22:47) MrGOODMOOD

It's the skull of the vocoder, if you add the audio mod on an synth track and you make it's input (noted signal) come from your your audiochannel you have a thing very near of a vocoder. Don't forget to affect the modulation to the output of your synth.If it seems you complicated you could have more information on the manual from page 269, and page 278 is focused on the audio mod.

  — (Apr 08 '14 at 13:01) Jules

yea i think it needs a vocoder!


answered Apr 05 '14 at 02:55 by TristanMendoza (190)

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