asked Dec 07 '13 at 10:50 by JayBee (41)

Is there a 64bit version of the Beta available to download? The current version is automatically installing to 32bit program files so I guess it’s a 32bit version.

The installer on windows contains both 32 & 64-bit binaries so that the same installer can be used for both. However due to how the Windows Installer (MSI) system works a .msi installer can't install to the 64-bit "Program Files" folder without also making it incompatible with 32-bit versions of windows. So in order to have a single installer work on both we had to install it to the 32-bit (x86) directory.

On windows, the main application process is still a 32-bit process but this is because there's simply no tangible benefit to making it 64-bit, since the tasks which consume a lot of memory are handled be separate processes (the audio-engine and plug-in host are both 64-bit). The main app is just handling your document contents and showing the GUI, anything RAM/CPU-heavy is done by these other (64-bit) processes. As far as performance goes, for the kind of general-purpose code which the main application process is running the benefit given by the additional registers provided by the 64-bit ISA is pretty much offset by the higher memory-bandwidth usage of the 64-bit pointers (and it would use more memory as well).

So to summarize: unified 32/64-bit installer, the actual memory eaters (audio-engine & plug-in host) are separate (64-bit) processes and main application executable will remain 32-bit (until we drop support for 32-bit windows totally) simply because it doesn't matter.


answered Dec 08 '13 at 12:57 by Claes (820)

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