asked May 19 '15 at 19:49 by bbarker3 (376)

I'm noticing an inconsistent behavior in the length of bounced tracks from the same bounce duration. Don't know if it's the DAW or something else. I have a project in which i will deactivate all but, say three tracks which I will export to a single audio file for the whole length of the project. I might then activate a different group of tracks and again export for the whole song length (same settings as the first bounce) with a different name for this track. I do this to create audio files for groups of instruments, pads, drums, bass, etc. Now, when I drag each of these bounced audio files into another new project, they all nicely lay into new audio tracks but the arranger clips are of different lengths. Some are the full song length, some are shortened. All the audio information is there, but some of the clips will cut off some of the length, and I have to stretch it back out. Getting the clip tempo and project tempos does not seem to fix this. I also notice the usual truncation for the shorter files is a ratio of 2/3 that of the full track length. So wondering if anyone else is experiencing this, and if there's something I'm doing wrong? Thanks!


Make sure your audio clips are in 'Raw' mode, i.e unstretched. For that, just select all of your imported audio clips and in the 'audio event' panel in the inspector, check that the mode is set to Raw.

Sometimes, with long audio clips, it can happen that they get 'truncated' as you say, in which case just select all your shortened audio clips and make sure, in the inspector, that the 'Loop' function is off and then readjust the clip length so that the clip becomes at least as long as its content.

Also, what you can do to avoid long clips to auto-stretch is going to the 'General' tab of the Preferences panel and untick the boxes 'Use raw audio if {...} sample is shorter/longer than {...}'.



answered May 28 '15 at 08:36 by SLDWLF (11)

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