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Hi all,

There has been one thing I've always been curious about how to do in Bitwig that I think it can do.... If I had a parameter that I want to modulate or automate, but I wanted to use an ADSR envelope to control how quickly or slowly it there a way that I can just throw on an standard ADSR envelope into my effects chain before the plugin that I'm modulating, and then drop it in the "FX" section of the ADSR plugin and modulate it? I feel like the stock plugin "Ladder" may do this, but I could be wrong.

I've done this with some things that have it built in (i.e. the stock "Sampler" plugin having ADSR envelopes to modulate pitch/amplitude, etc.) but is there just a stand alone ADSR envelope that would support the modulation of any parameter?

Thanks guys!


+1: I like the idea, but I would opt for an drawable envelope (multipoint) and add a loop function as well so that it can act as a LFO.

  — (May 20 '15 at 18:44) Solidtrax

Special device for something you can construct out of simple parts? naaaah..

  — (Jun 03 '15 at 16:05) riot ♦♦

Hi Riot, Would love to accept the answer, but this is an ADSR for just that Ladder Filter. Newman is asking for an envelope that can modulate any parameter. I don't think that you solved this one (yet) ;-) Or you meant that we have to wait for 2.0, then we can design everything in the bitwig modular world :D

  — (Jun 03 '15 at 18:37) Solidtrax

Thanks for the replies guys!! Yeah I don't think that Riot completely answers the question but I like where your head is at because I thought the ladder could do it too. Yes it has an ADSR, but there is no way to assign it to a parameter outside of itself.

It may very well be not a thing you can do in Bitwig. I hope we can submit this somewhere for something that we'd like to see in future updates..

  — (Jun 04 '15 at 01:07) newman

Use a ladder device and turn off the LFO/Envelope Follower.

Cheers, riot


answered Jun 03 '15 at 16:04 by riot ♦♦ (1.8k)

This just gives him an envelope controlled filter. He was asking how to create envelopes for any parameter. The correct answer is using the NoteMOD device. Any devices nested within it can be controlled by it's ADSR envelope.

  — (Jun 21 '15 at 19:48) maitaketaki

Note MOD have ADSR modulation and can affect another filters.


answered Jun 13 '15 at 22:29 by Arsen (11)

+1 for a draw-able LFO or Envelope tool like the XFER or the Cableguy's one


answered Dec 27 '16 at 16:24 by Antuan (693)

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